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Maana knowledge platform turns human expertise and data into digital knowledge for employees to make better decisions faster. Maana’s knowledge platform is used by the largest oil and gas companies in the world to optimize assets and processes 3-10 times faster than any other technology.

Maana helps oil and gas companies increase oil production and reduce operational expenses by improving well risk assessment, offset analysis, reliability metrics, predicting equipment failure and more.

What makes Maana different?

Maana Use Cases

6 High-Impact Enterprise Knowledge Technology Use Cases for Accelerating Oil & Gas Profitability


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How Maana’s Knowledge Platform Helps Fortune 500 Companies Accelerate Digital Transformation



Well Offset Analysis

big data for well offset analysis

Business Insights

  • Streamline and improve offset well analysis
  • Enable drilling engineers to plan new wells with better offset data
  • Identify wells with kick events from rig sensor data

This Fortune 100 company sought to connect various data sources to provide drilling engineers with a more comprehensive and improved view of offset data for well planning.

Maana crawled data from multiple technical data sources, including: WellView; rig sensor files; downhole log files; technical documents; and well problem databases. Using a combination of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Maana discovered the types of data in these disparate data sources, made pertinent connections between the datasets, ran analytics, and rendered the data searchable and relevant to users.

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Well Risk Assessment

Business Insights

  • Identify unplanned drilling risks not discovered in well risk assessment
  • Determine under or overestimation of risk probability
  • Identify severity of risks in different drilling environments

This Fortune 100 company sought to determine the accuracy of past predictions of project risk, and improve future risk assessment by using quantitative information.

Maana enabled the risk assessment team to quickly access data from a variety of systems and data sources, and analyze the data for key insights. These new insights provided answers to questions related to planned and unplanned risks. The team now has a more comprehensive view of each project relating to planned, unplanned, and potential risks.

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Mitigate Oil Corrosion Risk

Business Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance cost and unplanned equipment downtime
  • Captures the expertise of subject-matter experts for use by all corrosion engineers

This global Fortune 10 company wanted to reduce risks from equipment failures to unplanned downtime, by capturing the expertise of corrosion engineers about the downstream process of refining crude oil.

The company has reduced maintenance cost and unplanned equipment downtime, by creating a custom application used by corrosion engineers to easily search for a particular crude, and discover all the relevant information related to lessons learned and risk mitigation strategies.

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Well Reliability Metrics

big data for well reliability

Business Insights

  • Identify first-year well failures
  • Predict well’s potential for first-year failure
  • Connect drilling and production failure data
  • Identify common failure factors

This Fortune 100 company sought to improve how they measured drilling performance. Instead of relying on the typical speed and cost metrics normally associated with drilling, this company wanted to understand the reliability of their wells, which is a more holistic way to measure well performance.

Maana helped this oil and gas company better understand the history of infant mortality associated with wells in order to reduce future infant mortality. With Maana, this company combined historical drilling data such as WellView, with a variety of production data, such as energy components, on a regional and global basis. This provided relevant and accurate insight into the reliability of this company’s multi-million dollar wells. The information was then correlated to the number of well failures, failure rate, and infant mortality.

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Pump Failure Prediction

pump failure prediction

Business Insights

  • Validate failure hypotheses
  • Predict potential pump failures
  • Identify failure causes

This Fortune 500 company wanted the ability to anticipate the types of events and failures likely to occur with new wells.

Maana was deployed to collect asset data and predict the likelihood of equipment failure. Maana crawled and indexed multiple data sources, brought them together, and provided an interactive exploration environment. This allowed subject-matter experts to validate various hypotheses related to failures and their causes. With Maana’s machine-assisted human discovery, these experts gained a holistic view that allowed them to predict which pumps were at risk for failure.

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Health and Safety Risk

Business Benefits

  • Given a job what are the kinds of questions that engineers should be thinking about?
  • What historical data is there to back up these questions?
  • What learning, best practices are there to help with the job safety? (Both Internal and External)

The Health and Safety group at a global Fortune 100 oil and gas company wanted to mitigate risks associated with day to day operations at worksites to reduce on-site accidents and unplanned project costs.

By combining, indexing and making key knowledge accessible through a unified application, workers can now easily enter a task and get back the most likely job codes along with all the known risks and mitigations by probability, thereby avoiding unplanned risks and related accidents or cost implications.

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Cyber Security Phishing Attempts

Business Insights

  • Identify suspicious patterns of phishing attempts
  • Demonstrate relationships between events and users
  • Enable security analysts to quickly identify some new unexpected phishing behavior

This Fortune 100 company wanted to give their cyber security analysts the ability to quickly detect “exploratory” phishing attempts; identify patterns of suspicious behavior by analyzing data traffic patterns; and manually investigate these occurrences.

Maana was deployed to identify potential phishing attempts in an online/streaming mode. Maana was used to research, analyze, investigate, and ultimately define the conditions under which email is considered to be a phishing attempt. This allowed the company’s cyber security analysts to quickly identify phishing attempts and further investigate potential threats.

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