The Digital Knowledge Layer on Microsoft Azure

Hear Caglayan Arkan, Global Lead, Manufacturing and Resources Industry at Microsoft, discuss how Maana provides companies with the ideal way to model business operations.



We are excited about the partnership with Maana. Together, we will empower the global oil and gas companies to realize the full vision of digitalization everyone has been talking about. We are going to make it happen. We’re going to make it happen quickly. Our work has already started. We’re going to help companies create hundreds of use cases modeling their businesses where they can get answers to the complex questions that will inform their decision making.

Now with this partnership, customers can easily insert a knowledge platform on their Azure digital stack. There is no difficult installation. The Maana knowledge platform was specifically built with the cloud in mind and has been mapped and wrapped for Azure services. The seamless integration allows customers to use Azure services such as IOT cognitive services to enrich digital knowledge layers. It takes a variety of data types, algorithms and subject matter expertise, to optimally solve today’s most critical industrial and business challenges. With Max of Azure collaboration, Maana extends its knowledge models, services, BOTS assistance to more data sources, advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

We’re going to do this with integrated Azure services to accelerate the development and deployment of models, the ability to model a wide variety of business operations whether it is in exploration, or drilling and completion, production, refining and more. The platform that we’re building will help get answers to business questions that direct the future and do that quickly.

The mass model capability also allows for models created by one group to be reused and built upon by other groups enabling enterprises to build thousands of models at scale. The platform’s flexibility enables groups across an organization to leverage and build upon the initial knowledge graph, to rapidly develop models for iterative collaboration and models provide recommendations into specific decision flows. This partnership ensures that our customers can leverage their existing infrastructure investment, not replace it.

The Maana knowledge platform combined with the ubiquitous value of Max of Azure Hybrid Cloud capabilities, such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Cognitive Services, Mixed Reality and more, equip companies with the ultimate goal of ease of deployment with a frictionless interface that drives innovation the interactive development environment.  It is all about time to value. Maana’s plug-and-play infrastructure works with Azure from conceptualization to implementation. There’s a lightweight methodology for building knowledge services and experiences across an entire enterprise quickly. Maana’s Q fundamentally changes the way developers think about and build solutions and applications, where they can make better and more informed decisions faster.



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