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Listen to Andrew Smart, Global Energy Industry Managing Director, Accenture and his POV on how Maana addresses end-to-end optimization across organizational, data and system silos.



Accenture is very much of the belief that digital transformation is going to be an ecosystem game. We are looking to develop partnerships with those that we’ve been working with for many years, but also finding the up-and-coming organizations who have the capability to plug some of the gaps and bring new ideas. We felt that Maana was in exactly that space. They’re focused on exploiting much of the data that sits in our organizations that otherwise may be less accessible. We really believe there’s a huge amount of value in exactly those knowledge areas. The whole digital transformation arena is a question of going from concepts to scale. That’s the major challenge. I think Maana has already got a significant footprint across the industry, some great relationships, and is positioned extremely strongly. I think what Accenture brings to that is our delivery, muscle, industry, knowledge, and the ability to reach scale at pace. I think we believe that there’s a huge amount of additional opportunity for end-to-end optimization in the industry. If you like the end-to-end value chains that sit across organizational silos, data silos, and system silos, we believe that that’s the opportunity that Maana will bring to the industry; whether that’s across the world delivery process in upstream, whether it’s in commercial optimization in the midstream, or even down into inner areas of customer competitiveness. We really believe that Maana’s knowledge layer could be a key enabler to freeing up insight and reaching new levels of optimization.



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