Digitization with Babur Ozden

Babur Ozden, Maana Founder & CEO, talks about digitization in the oil and gas industry.



Hi! My name is Babur Ozden. I’m the founder and CEO of Maana, the leader in digital knowledge technology. I can’t wait to attend my third CERA week coming up in March. This year “Digitization Session” is one of the main themes of the entire event. If I was a CEO of an oil and gas company, I would definitely wonder what a post-digital oil and gas company looks like.  Today you are bombarded with a lot of buzzwords; AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, digital twins, big data, etc., but what is this journey? How long does it take?  What do you do during and what do you look like when you say you completed your digital transformation journey? Come join us and let’s discuss what a post-digital oil and gas company looks like at CERA Week. Thank you.



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