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Listen to Maana Founder and CEO, Babur Ozden, explain how you can build your knowledge layer in months.



Maana’s mission is to organize the world’s industrial expertise and data into a new digital knowledge for millions of experts to make better decisions faster while managing the assets that the global economy and human civilization depend on. Our platform brings this knowledge into a single structure, enabling our customers’ data scientists, developers, and experts to write applications rapidly against this new knowledge source. At the center of the Maana platform is our computational knowledge graph. This is the centerpiece of our technology which enables our customers to build their Maana brains. Their Maana brain is what their knowledge layer is. The knowledge layer is where data from hundreds of different data silos is De-siloed into this new knowledge layer for tens of thousands of models to be developed at scale. All it takes is to start with your first use case and a handful of subject matter expertise and a data scientist and a few computer programmers will start laying out the first infrastructure of the knowledge layer. Then with each use case your knowledge layer will grow. What otherwise would take years to build a similar knowledge infrastructure can now be done in the order of a few months. Maana is fundamentally changing the way analytics are done at large industrial corporations. Historically and traditionally, analytics are conducted in a siloed fashion. For the first time in industrial corporate history, we provide the opportunity to do analytics across the enterprise against a single knowledge repository. This will enable something that defied them for decades: to globally optimize every local decision.



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