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Listen to Kausar Qazilbash, Managing Director, Accenture on how Maana augments employees’ capability to make to make better decisions faster with its Computational Knowledge Graph.



In the digital space, Accenture had been looking at the analytics platform for big data. One of the key things we realized, there is a lot of knowledge and information that sits in the documents that do not reside in the system records.  We picked-up Maana specifically as a technology based on the artificial intelligence branch called knowledge graph, which allows us to basically look into this, what I call dark data. Extract that information from these documents. Then take a look at how people made decisions around some of the very complex decisions which drive hundreds of millions of dollar value for our clients.  We believe there’s a niche area. In a very physical and asset-intensive industry like oil and gas, there are very complex decisions that were not supported by the traditional artificial intelligence or analytics technology. Maana is quite useful in the sense that it allows you to provide value to complex decision-makers and allows you to augment their capability to make the decision better. Making it more consistent across the various parts of the world where these decisions are made and more effective in far less time. The knowledge of the industries, as well as, those complex operational areas that Accenture brings, combined with our traditional knowledge around how you shape and implement large-scale adoption and transformation in business.  That combined with Maana’s technology offers a unique offering to our clients to leverage it in the areas that are highlighted earlier. Then scale them to a level where contributions are significant in value to their business.




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