Maana to Accelerate Digitization in the Oil and Gas Industry Through Integration with Microsoft Azure

Maana Platform to Function as Digital Knowledge Layer on Microsoft Azure

HOUSTON, March 12, 2019 — Maana, a pioneer of digital knowledge technology, announced today at CERAWeek a collaboration with Microsoft’s Manufacturing and Resources Industry division to help oil and gas industry companies accelerate their digital transformation. The collaboration integrates Maana’s Knowledge Platform™ with Microsoft Azure and makes Azure services and tools available to all Maana customers and application developers.

“When we started in 2012, our technology was designed and developed for on-premise deployment,” said Babur Ozden, CEO and Founder of Maana. “As experimentation with big data led to digital transformation journeys, we started seeing more and more industrial majors committing to the cloud to house their digital ambitions. Recognizing the inevitability of cloud, in 2016, we rebuilt our platform, selecting Microsoft Azure and never looking back. Today, more than 80 percent of our customers and prospective clients are using Azure to host their digitization.”

Caglayan Arkan, Global Lead for Manufacturing and Resources Industry at Microsoft said, “Digitalization is a combination and roadmap of hundreds of use cases, and the speed of development and deployment is paramount to success for an oil and gas major. Microsoft’s relationship with Maana provides Microsoft Azure customers with unique access to an optimal digital knowledge layer, as well as the unsurpassed interoperability of tools without creating new silos.”

The Maana Knowledge Platform organizes industrial data and human expertise into digital knowledge allowing companies to answer enterprise-wide questions better and faster. The Platform features the following:

  • The ability to model a wide variety of business operations, whether it is in exploration, drilling, production, refining, trading, procurement or health, environment and safety, the Platform helps get answers to business questions that direct the future;
  • Supports multiple programming languages and provides scaffolds and templates to ensure enterprises can leverage their existing data platform and digital infrastructure investment;
  • An easy-to-use, visual authoring environment to support business decision makers, subject matter experts, and data scientists and developers, in the development of use cases; and
  • Integrated Azure services to accelerate development and deployment of models.

“It takes a variety of data types, algorithms, and subject matter expertise to optimally solve today’s most critical industrial and business challenges,” said Donald Thompson, CTO and Founder of Maana. “With deep Microsoft Azure collaboration, Maana extends its Knowledge Models, Services, Bots, and Assistants to more data sources and advanced ML/AI services.”

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About Maana:

Maana organizes the world’s industrial data and human expertise into digital knowledge to enable millions of experts to make better decisions affecting the global economy and human civilization.  Using our Knowledge Platform™ and its proprietary Computational Knowledge Graph™, Fortune Global 500 industrial companies drive answers to operational questions that direct the future. Operating internationally, Maana is a privately-held company with offices in Menlo Park, California; Bellevue, Washington; Houston, Texas; London, UK; and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.


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