Accelerating Digital Knowledge

Create hundreds of knowledge models at scale, using Maana’s patented Computational Knowledge Graph™ and AI algorithms. Then turn those models into AI-driven knowledge applications that provide recommendations into day-to-day operations.

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Assistive Intelligence to
Augment Human Decision Making

Maana is the Knowledge Platform for developing AI-driven applications that augment human decision making. The platform:

eye iconObserves its domain

mind iconReasons to make recommendations

user iconDecides (User) to take an action

outcome iconLearns from the outcome

Decision Making

The Maana Computational Knowledge Graph™

The core of the Maana Knowledge Platform™ is the patented Computational Maana Knowledge Graph™. Unlike traditional “semantic” systems, the Computational Knowledge Graph does not rely exclusively on ontologies and description logics. Instead, the Maana Knowledge Graph separates the structure of data from the content itself. This separation enables a fluidity of modeling, allowing data from any source and in any format to be seamlessly integrated, modeled, searched, analyzed, operationalized and re-purposed.

Each resulting model is a unique combination of three key components – subject-matter expertise, relevant data from silos, and the right algorithm – all of which are instrumental in optimizing operations and decision flows.

The first of its kind, the Maana Knowledge Graph is also dynamic, which means that it can represent conceptual and computational models. In addition, it can be used to perform complex transformations and calculations at interactive speeds, making it a game-changing technology for agile development of AI-driven knowledge applications.

Knowledge Graph screenshot

Subject-matter experts can encode their expertise and customize the Maana Computational Knowledge Graph with domain data to create the enterprise digital knowledge layer. Users can search and visually explore the graph, to answer complex questions and create AI-driven knowledge applications that optimize operations.

The Maana Knowledge Platform

Derive Value

ApplicationsKnowledge Applications

  • AI-driven knowledge applications provide recommendations into operational decisions
  • The models power the AI-driven knowledge applications by performing real-time calculations

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AnalyticsAd-Hoc Analytics

  • Explore data and run analytics queries from the Maana Computational Knowledge Graph
  • Popular BI tools such as Tableau and Power BI can connect to Maana

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Build Knowledge

Highly-Intuitive User ExperienceNew Highly-Intuitive User Experience

  • Search, navigate and visually explore the Maana Computational Knowledge Graph
  • Understand the relationships and interdependencies between concepts

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BotsBots Automate
Building Models

  • Automate building models
  • Enhance the graph
  • Provide answers from the graph
  • Invoked automatically or by the user

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Command Line InterfaceCommand Line Interface For Developers

  • Provides interactive and scripted access to several convenient system actions
  • Allows extendibility with custom plugins

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  • GraphQL for easier integration of new and existing intelligent services and bots
  • Docker orchestraion and containerization makes it easy to extend the platform with additional components

Cloud Native

Cloud Native On Azure

  • Available Cloud Native on Azure
  • Enhanced enterprise security, scalability and control

A Self-service and Highly-Intuitive User Experience

The Maana Knowledge Portal enables subject-matter-experts to build, enrich, search and visually explore the Maana Computational Knowledge Graph™. Relationships and interdependencies between concepts such as equipment, people and activities can be defined and examined in the portal. The Portal also provides an environment for subject-matter experts to collaborate with data scientists to rapidly develop the digital knowledge layer of the enterprise in weeks, instead of months or years.

The Maana Knowledge Portal enables users to:

  • Create and query the knowledge graph
  • Hydrate domain concepts with data
  • Trigger bots to enrich the knowledge graph with dynamic links
  • Create and bring services to add to the graph
  • Orchestrate services using Maana endpoints

Maana Bots

Bots Assist Subject-Matter Experts to Create & Derive Value From Knowledge

Maana bots enable subject-matter experts to build AI-driven knowledge applications by automating many of the tasks of building machine learning models.  Bots can perform automatic event-driven actions or notify other bots or users to take certain actions.  Some Maana bots build knowledge by assisting users to create the graph and other bots help users derive value from knowledge.

Build Knowledge and Create the Graph

  • Capture expert knowledge
  • Integrate data into graph
  • Extract and add knowledge
Maana Bot

Maana bots that build knowledge and create the graph perform tasks that assist users in creating models. These capabilities bring knowledge into the graph by performing tasks such as detecting when new data becomes available, detecting and normalizing datatypes across data, and discovering relationships between data entities and properties in the graph.

Maana Gear
Maana Bot

Derive Value From Knowledge

  • Automate building machine learning models
  • Extract complex knowledge from data
  • Reason over knowledge

Maana bots that derive value from knowledge perform tasks such as: automate building and selecting the optimum machine learning models appropriate for the targeted problem and data, extracting and normalizing units of measurement from disparate data, and reasoning over knowledge by consuming existing or new services that expose knowledge.

Command Line Interface For Developers

A custom command line interface (CLI) provides interactive and scripted access to many convenient system actions such as schema management, data loading, querying and administration. The command line interface is easily extensible with custom plugins, making it easy for developers to add functionality.

Command Line Interface screen

The Maana Portal, Bots and Command Line Interface Interface enable subject-matter experts to collaborate with data scientists to easily build and blend conceptual and computational models. These models power the AI-driven Knowledge Applications that provide recommendations into decision flows, helping employees make better and faster decisions.

Models are Reusable.

The Maana Knowledge Graph™ and AI algorithms enable your subject-matter experts to build hundreds of models at scale. Models built for one use case can be built-upon and re-used for other use cases.



Knowledge Applications

Maana enables subject-matter experts to build AI-driven knowledge applications that help employees make better and faster decisions. These AI-driven knowledge applications are powered by models that provide recommendations into day-to-day operations to help employees optimize operations and decision flows.


Ad-hoc Analytics


The Maana Portal enables users to query, visually explore and navigate the digital knowledge layer created by the Maana Computational Knowledge Graph. Maana can also be extended with popular data visualization software such as Tableau and Power BI for Ad-hoc analytics.




Maana’s micro-services architecture leverages GraphQL, which provides an increasingly popular interface to the Maana Computational Knowledge Graph. The architecture also uses Docker containerization for enhanced agility, portability and security making it easy to extend the platform with additional components.

This new architecture structures the development of applications as a collection of loosely coupled services that are lightweight protocols. It improves modularity and makes the application easier to understand, develop, test, and more resilient to architecture erosion. It also parallelizes development by enabling small autonomous teams to develop, deploy and scale their respective services independently.

Maana’s architecture makes it easy for developers to swap or add new microservices and provides the developer ecosystem with a wealth of established tools to help them in their development efforts.


Cloud on Azure

Cloud icon

Maana is also cloud native, allowing enterprises to deploy Maana on Microsoft Azure, leveraging Azure's enterprise security, scalability and control features.

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