The Maana Knowledge Graph
Accelerates Asset Optimization

The Maana Knowledge Graph™ at the core of the platform combined with Maana’s algorithms accelerate knowledge extraction. This knowledge is captured in the form of models that reveal the relationships between siloed data and processes in the context of optimizing an asset or process.

Maana’s Knowledge Platform™ goes beyond the data-centric concept and into the world of knowledge. It enables experts in the organization to leverage their domain expertise and understanding of processes, to easily access the most relevant data from across silos and understand their relationships, for faster optimization of operations.

The Enterprise Knowledge Approach

Maana’s knowledge platform goes beyond the data-centric concept and into the world of knowledge. Maana extracts knowledge from data silos, information inputs from business domains, as well as the understanding of processes to illustrate how they interconnect as a whole. This provides a holistic view of the assets or processes enterprises want to optimize.

Data lakes and knowledge graph

Over time, the enterprise knowledge graph grows and becomes a key information asset, capturing the complex relations and dynamics between the business and its core assets.

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Maana Knowledge Platform
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