Maana Accelerates Knowledge
Discovery to Increase Profitability

Maana’s Knowledge Platform™ enables Fortune 500 companies to increase profitability three times faster than any other technology.  Maana’s Knowledge Graph™ and algorithms dramatically accelerate knowledge discovery to provide a holistic view of the assets or processes enterprises want to optimize.


Maana’s patented Semantic Search has extensive support for suggesting and completing queries using the domain-specific knowledge in the knowledge graph, which helps guide users to the most relevant information quickly.


Maana’s patented Knowledge Graph™ at the core of the platform, extracts knowledge from data silos, information inputs from domain experts, as well as the understanding of processes to reveal all possible relationships in the context of optimizing an asset or process.

New Generation of

Maana's “User-Guided Machine-Assisted” technology, uses advanced algorithms and deep learning to expedite developing, enriching, classifying and constructing knowledge, in the form of models.

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How Maana’s Knowledge Platform Helps
Fortune 500 Companies Accelerate Digital Transformation


Maana Knowledge Platform
Solution Brief

Increasing Enterprise Profitability


Knowledge Models: The New Currency of Digital Transformation

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Knowledge Builds On Knowledge

Build Models 3x - 10x Faster

Maana Knowledge Graph is a durable knowledge asset that accelerates creating more models for faster optimization of your business

Maana’s Knowledge Graph™ enables users to quickly build data and computational models that illustrate the dynamic relationships between siloed information across organizations. These knowledge models illustrate all possible relationships between the vast array of knowledge inputs to accelerate optimizing assets and processes. The flexibility of the knowledge graph enables groups across the organization to leverage and build upon the initial knowledge graph to rapidly develop hundreds of models for iterative collaboration. As more knowledge models are created the time-to-value is accelerated even faster. These models are dynamic and once operationalized into line-of-business applications, they learn and adapt based on the user’s behavior to provide continuous intelligence for day-to-day operations.

A Comprehensive Knowledge Platform

Maana’s comprehensive platform crawls, indexes, mines, enriches, joins, classifies, analyzes, clusters, connects, and correlates data from various data silos — simultaneously — to create a dynamic knowledge structure of data.

Maana Knowledge Graph