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09.17.2019 - 09.19.2019

Gastech Exhibition and Conference

Houston, Texas

GasTech is the largest global gas and LNG event networking more than 35,000 colleagues from across 30 industry sectors and discovering new innovations to help improve business.

06.26.2019 - 06.27.2019

SPE Workshop: Digital Transformation in E&P: What’s Next, Ready to Scale-up?

Paris, France
SPE Workshop: Digital Transformation in E&P: What’s Next, Ready to Scale-up?

Join us at this SPE Workshop in Paris for insights, inspiration, and learnings on how to make digital transformation work.

06.11.2019 - 06.12.2019

Data Driven Drilling and Production Conference

Houston, Texas

Stop by booth #30 to see how Maana’s WellLine dramatically optimizes well timelines resulting in better, faster decision making for companies.

06.06.2019 - 06.07.2019

2019 IIoT Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas Conference

Amsterdam, Netherlands
2019 IIoT Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas Conference

General Manager of Customer Operations (EMEA), Asger Klindt, will participate in two panel discussions at the IIoT Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas Conference, June 6-7, in Amsterdam.

The panel, which will also feature executives from BP and Atomiton, will explore how companies can capitalize on new digital technologies and transform day-to-day business operations to create efficiencies, mitigate risk and improve the bottom line.

Klindt will participate in two separate conference discussions:

Brainstorm Session: Facing Challenges of Digital Transformation: Delegates are divided into groups and invited to brainstorm their solutions on digitization with the help of executive facilitators including: Asger Klindt, Maana General Manager of Customer Operations (EMEA); Eric Koenig, Schneider Electric Vice President of Strategy Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals; Oscar Abbink, IHS Markit Director of Upstream Energy. (Thursday, June 6, at 6:30 p.m.)

Emerging Technologies: New Value Creation Opportunities: Panel discussion on the value that has been created through digitization, and where it will be created in the future. The executive panel will feature: Asger Klindt, Maana General Manager of Customer Operations (EMEA); Noorddin Taj, BP Lead Architect of Digital Innovation; Ann Sun, Atomiton Vice President of Market Development and will be moderated by Eleonore Lazat, Bloomberg Analyst. (Friday, June 7, at 9:00 a.m.)

The third annual IIoT Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas Conference attracts senior executives in energy and aims to address the impact of new digital technologies, including IoT, Big Data, AI, Cloid and Blockchain. The conference sessions and panel discussions are developed to provide attendees with strategic insights and serve as a platform for oil and gas operators, oilfield service and EPC companies, technology vendors and start-ups to share their experience in the digital transformation of oil and gas.

05.07.2019 - 05.08.2019

Knowledge Graph Conference

New York, New York

Maana’s Chief Scientist Dr. Steven Gustafson will present “Optimizing Oil Shipping with a Computational Knowledge Layer” at the Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) May 7-8 at Columbia University’s Morningside campus in New York City.

KGC is a world-class curated program that brings experienced practitioners, technology leaders, cutting-edge researchers, academics and vendors together for two days of presentations, discussions and networking on the topic of computational knowledge graphs.

05.06.2019 - 05.09.2019


Houston, Texas

Maana will present its WellLine application at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), May 6-9, at NRG Park in Houston, Texas.

At this premier energy event, Jeff Dalgliesh, Maana’s Director of Oil Field Digital Transformation, will present ‘AI-Driven Well Timelines for Well Optimization,’ titled paper highlighting Maana’s research behind the latest cognitive innovations to optimize offshore operations. The paper explores how artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to digitally re-construct well histories, using both public and company-specific historical well data.

04.23.2019 - 04.25.2019

Global AI Conference

Seattle, Washington
Global Artificial Intelligence Conference

Dr. Steven Gustafson, Chief Scientist, will present a research paper about automated machine learning (AutoML) for data science productivity at the Global AI Conference, April 23-25, in Seattle, Washington.

03.11.2019 - 03.15.2019


Houston, Texas

We are thrilled to be back at CERAWeek again this year. The opportunity to discuss the value of digitization, and the potential of a post-digital energy industry with colleagues from around the world is exciting. We invite you to join us in these conversations.

10.23.2018 - 10.25.2018

GDA International Downstream Conference and Exhibition

Kingdom of Bahrain

The GDA Conference is the leading Middle East strategic platform for downstream professionals to address business challenges, share best practices & unlock potential opportunities through collaboration and partnerships. Join Bilal Abdallah on Thursday, Oct 25th at 13:00, as he shares How Shell is Using an Industry First Artificial Intelligence Crude Flexibility Application for Reducing Refinery Equipment Failure.

09.24.2018 - 09.25.2018


Dallas, Texas

For more than 90 years, ATCE has been the meeting of choice for Society of Petroleum Engineer’s members and other professionals seeking education on current and future technologies that help find and produce hydrocarbons faster, more efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. Join Donald Thompson at the Digital Energy Technical Section Dinner on Sun, Sept 23rd at 7:30pm.

The panel undertakes the mission of uncovering various strategies and leveraging technologies, knowledge, experience, and decision making that accelerate the progress of digital transformation initiatives and harvest their maximum value.Join Babur Ozden on Tuesday, September 25th between 13:30 – 14:30 at the Startup Village where he will lead the table discussion about Leveraging Digital in Oil and Gas.

09.17.2018 - 09.20.2018

GasTech Exhibit and Conference

Barcelona, Spain

Join our CEO, Babur Ozden, at GasTech on the Global Leaders’ Panel: Digital Disruption & Innovation – What are the Fundamental Impacts on the Energy Industry at 14.00 on Wednesday 19 September. GasTech is the largest global gas and LNG event where you’ll be networking with more than 30,000 colleagues and discover new innovations to help improve your business offering.

09.04.2018 - 09.06.2018

Engenious Symposium & Exhibition for Upstream Innovation

ENGenious is bringing together researchers and technologists from both industry and academia to explore state of the art, emerging, and future smart communication technologies for connectivity, organizational change models to break down industry silos, and identify how to integrate these communications into persona-based processes throughout your organization.

Join Donald Thompson on a panel discussing and evaluating current capabilities and barriers of the state-of-the-art innovative communication systems being utilized in Oil & Gas industry on Tues, Sept 4th at 13:30 at the Balmoral Suite.

Join Jeff Dalglish on a session discussing the application of new technology to accelerate insight in complex data systems on Wed, Sept 5th at 14:45 at Crombie A

Join Dennis Seemann on a panel discussing the impact of organisational culture on digital transformation progress on Wed, Sept 5th at 16:00 at the Balmoral Suite.

08.27.2018 - 08.30.2018


Stavanger, Norway

For more than 40 years ONS has been gathering the international oil and gas industry to network, debate, do business and plan for the future. ONS attracts high-level executives and politicians as well as specialists and young professionals from all over the world.

Join Jeff Dalgliesh as he shares how oil and gas companies are creating a digital knowledge layer for wells that provide a timeline of significant well events on Mon, Aug 27th at 14:30 – 14.55 at the Exhibitor Stage venue in Exhibition Hall 4.

Join Babur Ozden on the Energy (Science Fiction) Reality panel on Wed, Aug 29th at 14:00 at the Clarion Hotel Energy as they discuss innovative areas that will influence the entire energy industry.

06.07.2018 - 06.08.2018

IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas

Amsterdam, Netherlands /

IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas is the event where oil & gas companies from upstream and downstream learn from digitalization leaders how to embrace the opportunities and power of IIoT, AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud and Industrial wireless solutions, VR and Cyber-security. Join Asger Klindt, Director of Customer Delivery, on June 8th at 11:40am as he shares how digitally connected wells optimizes its lifecycle.

04.23.2018 - 04.27.2018

Hannover Messe

Hannover, Germany

Join us at Hannover Messe and explore how industrial companies can leverage digital capabilities to enable new solutions, business models and growth. Network with over 200,000 colleagues and participate in over 1,400 sessions.

03.05.2018 - 03.09.2018


Houston, TX

CERAWeek is the premier annual international gathering of energy industry leaders, experts, government officials and policymakers, leaders from the technology, financial, and industrial communities – and energy technology innovators. CERAWeek 2018 will provide insights and critically-important dialogue – and a very cost efficient way to engage on the most urgent questions with decision-makers from around the world.

02.27.2018 - 02.28.2018

Emerging Technology Summit

San Francisco, CA

Join Babur Ozden, CEO of Maana, on February 28th at 1:30pm at the Emerging Technology Summit. The event features founders and executives from over 300 of the most transformative companies to help investors get ahead of the curve and capitalize on the dynamic shifts in SaaS, AI, Cloud, Security, Commerce, Media, and Healthcare, and Industrial & Energy Technologies.

02.26.2018 - 02.27.2018

Digital Cities Summit

Palo Alto, CA

The 2018 Stanford Digital Cities Summit will bring together 80 technology and business modeling experts along with 300 corporate executives from over 100 companies to discuss how disruptive technology is changing commercial markets within cities. Discussion topics ranges from cyber currency, autonomous vehicles, latest developments in IoT, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and more.

Join Babur Ozden, CEO of Maana, on February 28th at 1:30pm at the Emerging Technology Summit. The event features founders and executives from over 300 of the most transformative companies to help investors get ahead of the curve and capitalize on the dynamic shifts in SaaS, AI, Cloud, Security, Commerce, Media, and Healthcare, and Industrial & Energy Technologies.

Join Azita Martin, CMO of Maana, on a panel discussing automation and data analytics technologies on Monday, February 26th between 2:00-2:45pm.

02.07.2018 - 02.08.2018

Propel Energy

Calgary, AB

PROPEL is the annual Energy Technology Venture Forum that brings together the best, boldest, most innovative emerging and established energy technology companies. Technology adoption is critical to the long-term viability and stewardship of global energy resources. Join Jeff Dalgliesh who leads Maana’s technology offering for the Oil and Gas industry, as he discusses Digital Connected Wells. These wells enable operators to create enhanced models that are designed to make crucial decisions that optimize the life cycle of wells.

01.23.2018 - 01.26.2018

World Economic Forum

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

The 48th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting aims to rededicate leaders from all walks of life to developing a shared narrative to improve the state of the world. The program initiatives and projects of the meeting are focused on Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World. Join Babur Ozden on Tuesday, Jan 23rd at 5:30pm at Tech Tuesday at Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvédère, Promenade 89 7270, Davos.


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