A Fortune 100 customer wanted to use quantitative information to determine the accuracy of past predictions of project risk and improve future risk assessments. Assessing risk was complicated because projects have many associated wells (both batch and pad drilling), and each assessment can have many sections, each pertaining to a different phase of one or more wells. In addition, well data was scattered across multiple places and systems, making it difficult to aggregate, integrate and analyze.

The Maana Knowledge Platform enabled the risk assessment team to quickly access data from a variety of systems and data sources – including drilling data and drilling and completion risk register data – and analyze it to generate key insights. The knowledge produced from these sources provided answers to questions related to planned and unplanned risks. The team now has a more comprehensive view of each project relating to planned, unplanned and potential risks.

Business Insights

  • Identify unplanned drilling risks not discovered in well risk assessment
  • Determine under or overestimation of risk probability
  • Identify the severity of risks in different drilling environments

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