Business Objective

A leading transportation and logistics company wanted to empower its logistics and operations experts to make better and faster port omission decisions. To do so, they need an application to instantly simulate various re-routing options for a given port.

Business Challenge

The company has over 1,000 ports. To determine the best route with all the different variables is a labor intensive task. It took port operations and logistics experts six hours to fully analyze best port re-routing option due to port omission.

How Maana Helped

Using Maana’s Knowledge Platform to facilitate collaboration amongst the operations and port logistics experts, this major transportation company mapped the key decision points of port omission, using cost as the driver for decision heuristics. The Maana Knowledge Platform was used to create a simulation model of the port omission and re-routing decision process using data from key systems such as data on vessel schedules, container moves, equipment management, and bookings. This simulation model scores all possible re-routing options based on time and cost and generates recommendations based on the most optimized shipping re-route.

To enable this simulation model, the Maana Knowledge Platform:

  • Crawled, extracted, parsed, and indexed core entities and data elements from key data systems (such as cargo, ship, vessel, port, and priority) for the port re-routing decision process
  • Created a simulation model using variables with different weights, such as perishability of the cargo or cargo classification (for example, military or a premium customer)
  • Illustrated the time and cost impact of each re-routing decision using the simulation model
  • Listed all recommended contingency re-routing options within the simulation model
  • Ranked contingency options by their business impact score
  • Calculated the time and cost impact of each re-routing decision

 Logistics & Contingency Optimization

Port operators and logistics experts use the logistics application to make better and faster decisions on re-routing options.

The Results

The Maana Knowledge Platform provides a knowledge model that offers a unified view of multiple data sets and enables faster decision making. As more data inputs are added to the model, the Maana Knowledge Graph grows, learns and adapts, enabling it to support new simulations for cargo to be discharged – for example, so decision makers can determine the costs of different decisions given various constraints (such as commercial, regulatory, cargo, and other constraints). As a result, the company can trust that the Maana Knowledge Graph will always recommend the best alternatives – which has been defined as what will have the least impact on overall cost and transit time.

Most importantly, the company was able to realize its goal of reducing port re-routing decision time from 6 hours to 60 seconds – a 99.7% time savings – while optimizing decisions and outcomes. The potential financial impact of this time savings is expected to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

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