A Fortune 100 industrial company, with multiple divisions, was looking for an optimal global investment strategy to allocate funds across all multi-billion dollar divisions.

Its chief economist was considering a data-driven approach to identify countries most suitable for investment, particularly in global emerging markets.

Using Maana’s Knowledge Platform™ a custom application was created in 30 days, in collaboration with the  chief economist, to define suitable factors and capability weights. The Global Investment Simulation application prioritizes investments in over 200 countries for the following divisions: Aviation, oil and gas, healthcare, locomotive and power generation equipment.

Business Objective

The objective of the project was to identify two key areas:

  1. Countries best suited for each investment division
  2. Division investments most suitable for each country

Business Challenge

The chief economist had very limited resources, only two economists, who had to perform  complicated and time-consuming analysis, that historically took months to complete.

How Maana Helped

The Maana Knowledge Platform indexed, joined and normalized a corpus of time series data from various sources including World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Nation Master and World Economic data. These factors included indicators of a growing middle class, existing transportation infrastructure, access to electricity and the Internet. Traditional metrics were also used to judge the growing appeal of an economy such as foreign direct investment and gross domestic product growth.

Using the Maana Knowledge Platform, a customized Global Investment Simulation application was created to search based on factor weights and specific criteria defined by each business division and returned a ranked list of countries that were the best match for a potential investment. The experience was fully optimized to accept “what-if” scenarios in the form of different search criteria. The economists could drill down per country and examine how countries were ranked and what factored into the results. This application can be used to weigh additional factors for success and model opportunities where the company can directly influence policies at a specific country to optimize investments.

The Results

Using the Global Investment Simulation application and collaborating with the company’s chief economist to define suitable factors and capability weights, the Maana Knowledge Platform analyzed five investment areas that were of interest:

  1. Aviation transport market growth
  2. Gas market expansion
  3. Healthcare market growth
  4. Locomotive transport growth
  5. Power generation equipment sales

This approach enabled the company to carry out a top-down, worldwide search of countries that would be most suitable based on specific business factors. In addition, a highly valuable by-product of this simulation is that it accelerated an evidenced-based understanding of which levers impact each business unit.

Business Benefits

  • The chief economist could identify core markets and areas of interest for future investments in growth areas by enabling a small team of economists to simulate analysis for allocating investments using relevant data and human expertise.

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