A Fortune 50 company that manufactures and maintains industrial equipment wanted to increase the effectiveness and profitability of its field service organization. Management sought to understand exactly what factors were impacting field service profitability and effectiveness and what changes they could make to reduce cost by $6-10 million per year. However, the data they needed to gain insights, plan jobs more effectively and assign resources optimally was housed in 10 disparate silos and applications. This made it nearly impossible to access and analyze all of this data together and gain necessary insights.

Analyzing Data Simultaneously Across Data Silos

To meet these needs, the company used Maana’s Knowledge Platform, which enabled the field service team to analyze data from across silos simultaneously and generate insights needed to uncover opportunities to increase efficiency, optimize billable hours and reduce overall costs.

As illustrated in Figure 2, Maana’s Knowledge Platform crawled 10 different data sources such as:

  • SAP ERP for revenue and invoicing data
  • ServiceMax field service software
  • Travel Hub for data on dates and costs of technician travel to customer sites
  • Applied time reports for time per field engineer
  • HR data, such as each technician’s location, tenure and years of experience
  • Training completed by field engineers
  • Net Promoter Scores for measuring customer satisfaction
  • Operations activity reports
  • Customer data in Salesforce.com
  • Weather data

Business Benefits

  • Determine factors that drive job efficiencies
  • Identify correlations between job efficiencies and field engineers
  • Recommend the right field engineer to staff‚ each job type
  • Identify unprofitable service contracts

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