Maana’s Knowledge Platform Has Been Called Revolutionary – Here’s Why

Author: Maana’s Product Marketing Team
Maana’s Knowledge Platform Has Been Called Revolutionary – Here’s Why

Digital transformation in the oil and gas industry is not a new concept. But truly understanding how that transition specifically happens can be perplexing. How does Maana’s Knowledge Platform accelerate digitization of operational decisions? What does it mean when Maana references “Decision Velocity” and “Be Right, Be fast, At Scale?” Maana moves fast. So, here’s a “slow-motion” view of the Platform, demonstrating how revolutionary it is, and how surprisingly efficiently it works.


De-silo to Reach Further and Dig Deeper

Major oil and gas companies have deep and wide supply chains where business units often operate as separate entities. Those silos can impede a company’s accumulated expertise and data. Maana helps enterprises “de-silo” with its digital knowledge layer that can “see” and register millions of data points beyond one business unit at a time. Maana’s knowledge layer on a digital stack reaches further and digs deeper to deliver details that inform decisions and fosters an unprecedented opportunity for iterative collaboration.


Experience Unique Interoperability

Partnering with Microsoft’s Azure in the Cloud with Accenture’s boots on the ground, companies are assured of easy deployment. Maana provides the pivotal role in a company’s ecosystem leveraging existing investments in analytics, data science, modeling and multiple programming languages. The frictionless interface helps answer big questions that cut across the enterprise, such as:

  • Given a production schedule, what are the potential maintenance problems?
  • Given a task description, what are the potential risks and mitigations?
  • Given a recent cyber-attack, which employees are most at risk?
  • Given a well plan, what is the estimated drilling time?


Build Models in Mass at Scale

Maana’s Knowledge Platform illustrates all possible relationships between the vast arrays of knowledge silos. The patented Maana Q facilitates mass models across the enterprise. The problem/question methodology reconfigures the way developers think about and build solutions/apps to accelerate faster, smarter decisions. Maana Q’s flexibility enables groups across an organization to leverage and build upon the initial knowledge graph to rapidly develop more models. Capitalizing on artificial intelligence (AI), dynamic learning and adaptation allow models created by one group to be reused by other groups enabling enterprises to build thousands of models at scale. As more knowledge models are created, the time-to-value return on investment is accelerated even faster.


Develop Hundreds of Use Cases at an Accelerated Rate

Maana’s Platform adds breadth and depth enterprise-wide by determining hundreds of use cases in months (even weeks) that used to take years resulting in increased profitability and reduced costs. By putting the power of AI in the hands of every subject matter expert (SME), data analyst, and developer, Maana’s Platform empowers their authoring, exploration and decision-making experiences with the help of AI bots, assistants, reusable domain models, and reasoners.


Key Features That Make Maana’s Platform Revolutionary

Maana’s Platform resides on a company’s enterprise ecosystem. Thus, applications aggregating data across the enterprise are convenient to access so people can “drill down” to find the most pertinent answers to their specific questions. Even low code/no code individuals can inform their decisions with the Platform that’s designed to be easy to use. By putting the power of the Platform into the hands of SMEs they can readily include their insight into the question/answer methodology. No other Platform recognizes the value of people’s experience as an integral piece of the puzzle as Maana does. This is especially relevant when factoring in the “great crew change” in the oil and gas industry. Being able to tap SME’s knowledge and experience before they retire, gives companies a competitive edge.


Knowledge-First, Revolutionary Problem Solver

Maana’s Knowledge Platform offers a revolutionary, knowledge-first approach by focusing on finding ways to capture human expertise and combining it with Machine Learning. Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness enterprise-wide – that’s what makes Maana’s Knowledge Platform revolutionary.



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