The Difference between Knowledge-Centric and Data-Centric Approaches

Author: Maana Marketing
The Difference between Knowledge-Centric and Data-Centric Approaches

Maana’s investors are primarily its customers and are some of the biggest industrial companies in the world. Considering the leverage these companies have as customers of established technology and services leaders, one has to ask themselves, what is it about Maana’s technology that they cannot obtain elsewhere?

It comes down to Maana accelerating the time to value for asset and process optimization such as reducing turbine downtime, accelerating accounts receivables collections, and improving field service efficiency, which leads to increased profitability. The short answer? It is “knowledge” that separates Maana from the tech pack.

Knowledge-Centric versus Data-Centric
Often there’s been a tendency for most to believe that data and knowledge carry the same meaning and can be used interchangeably. That is not the case. Knowledge is the rich processing that comes from fusing information, experience and learning to conclude in understanding or a decision that’s relevant to the specific circumstances. Consider, that as humans, we collect data points all the time, but it’s in applying reasoning and context to that data that creates the relationships. It is more than just “red traffic light” it means “red traffic light equates to stop.”

Digital Knowledge is About Understanding Relationships
Digital Knowledge Technology delivers a new layer of intelligence on top of Operational Technology (OT) and information technology (IT) that is formed by encoding human expertise and data from across silos into digital knowledge, enabling employees to make better and faster decisions.

In this same way, Maana deviates from the popular talk about Big Data and advanced analytics.  Whereas data sources –  big, structured, unstructured, Internet of Things (IoT), from siloed and/or in a data lake – is an element and in the Maana Platform.  But our digital knowledge platform goes far beyond delivering advanced analytics capabilities on data.  Our semantic search makes it easy to find the most relevant data and our patented knowledge graph, combined with our advanced algorithms and deep learning technology, leapfrogs the status quo by dramatically accelerating the path from simple data points to knowledge discovery and reasoning. In the end, revealing new and timely ways companies can benefit from the application of business information and translate that into more profitability.

Delivering Digital Knowledge Technology in the Form of Models
Maana has the power to identify relationships and reasoning to produce insights about a specific process or piece of machinery leading to important optimization recommendations that improve profitability.  We show this knowledge in the form of models.  As one group creates a model for a specific purpose, another group can leverage that same model and build-upon it to create another model for a different purpose and do it even faster. As more models are created, more knowledge is revealed about the interdependencies across the organization resulting in more opportunities for discovering additional ways to optimize operations. We call that a re-usable knowledge model that can rapidly grow into hundreds of knowledge models -mass models.

Operationalization Makes Knowledge Power
The ability to see where you can improve or enhance your business decision flows is certainly valuable. Yet, with Maana, digital knowledge technology provides continuous, actionable recommendations into the operations of assets and decision flows. It is not knowledge for the sake of visibility, but to help customers make better and faster decisions that can lead to greater profitability. And with the insight of subject matter experts (SMEs) human experience adds to the quotient.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. It is not data that is power. And so, it is with Maana’s Knowledge Platform; helping companies gain faster access to the power to compete on a global playing field.

It’s an exciting business proposition and it’s certainly what our customers and investors agree with, too.



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