GE & Maana: Extending Digital Twin to Quickly Expand Across All Assets in The Enterprise

Author: Mike Dolbec
GE & Maana: Extending Digital Twin to Quickly Expand Across All Assets in The Enterprise

At GE Ventures, it’s our mission to partner with software technology companies that will accelerate our vision of the Industrial Internet, and from the very beginning it was clear to me that Maana fit the bill.

Three years ago, when I first met with Maana’s founders, Babur Ozden and Donald Thompson, I recognized they shared a vision similar to GE’s Industrial Internet. Maana’s vision from the beginning was to build a software platform that powers the critical workflows of the world’s largest industrial companies, enabling experts in those organizations to make better decisions faster. GE’s vision has been to build a cloud-based operating system for industrial applications and to lead a digital transformation amongst asset-intensive businesses.

As an early investor in the technology, what got me excited about Maana was their knowledge-centric approach. It went beyond data lakes and data-centric technologies. Maana calls it Enterprise Knowledge Technology, where business experts can use the software platform to understand and exploit the relationships between data, physical properties and processes in the context of optimizing an industrial asset or operation. But Maana quickly goes beyond that. It enables experts in the organization to collaborate across the enterprise to leverage and build-upon the initial models.  This quickly leads to developing hundreds of models at scale for optimizing assets and processes across the entire enterprise.

In three years, Maana has executed on a vision that is uniquely intertwined with GE Digital.   The Maana knowledge platform is helping some of the largest Fortune 500 companies optimize assets and processes 3 to 10 times faster than any other technology. Through our cross-fertilization of ideas, GE’s vision of Predix and Maana’s vision of Enterprise Knowledge Technology have converged to become the technologies that are helping industrial companies drive digital transformation.

At GE’s Minds and Machines conference in November we unveiled more details about Predix and Digital Twins. GE is a pioneering leader in the field of Digital Twins, which is a digital representation of a physical asset and its context within an enterprise. The Digital Twin combines physics-based modeling, data and artificial intelligence to understand the past and predict future outcomes.

Because of GE’s massive global reach and installed base, we are focusing on Digital Twin opportunities at scale.  They involve: mass-customization of twins; model building, validation and management;  run-time performance and broad value-creation.  We are excited about our continued collaboration with Maana and the role of Maana’s Knowledge Platform in our plans to create meaningful outcomes for our most demanding industrial customers.



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