Decision Verticals: Combining human and artificial intelligence is what drives digital transformation in the oil & gas industry using Maana’s Knowledge Platform

Author: Maana Marketing Team
Decision Verticals: Combining human and artificial intelligence is what drives digital transformation in the oil & gas industry using Maana’s Knowledge Platform

Prompted by a Digital Leadership Survey that pointed to Maana as an interesting company doing innovative work, Ed Maguire, Insights Partner at Momenta Partners, reached out to Maana Founder and CEO Babur Ozden about the ingenious Maana Knowledge Platform. The two talked about the process of digital transformation and how Maana resolves use cases in months (even weeks) compared to what previously took years. Making better decisions faster is how Maana helps put the power of its Platform into the hands of large oil & gas companies to reduce costs, improve safety, and enhance their competitive edge. Below is an excerpt of their conversation and you are invited to listen to the full podcast here:

“The digital transformation journey for each company is actually a roadmap of hundreds of new use cases they will develop, test, and deploy,” says Ozden. “The business need and the business problem is the speed at which these use cases could be both strapped from data, from tacit knowhow, and put to use…No longer do these cases get solved in one-off applications.” Ozden continues, “At Maana, it’s not the same old way of doing use cases…our vision sees it as a sequence of use cases spread across the entire enterprise…And the natural place to do digitization is on the cloud.” [Since this interview, Maana has joined in a strategic partnership with Microsoft for Azure cloud services.]

Ozden continues by explaining how the high-level Maana’s Knowledge Platform de-silos data and brings it together from thousands of sources in a mass model to scale across a company’s entire enterprise. “A large oil and gas company, across its enterprise, has about 500 major operational decision points, where every day more than 10,000 people can make 100,000-200,000 decisions,” estimates Ozden. “So, our computational knowledge is basically at the moment of your question, with decision verticals such as, ‘Where should I drill the next well?’ ‘How long will it take to drill this?’ ‘Which type of crude should I process this week in my refinery?’ The knowledge layer that we provide uses the data in the data platform, which is already de-siloed, to specifically answer these questions.”

Maguire inquired about the future of work where highly trained people will work combining their own experience with specialized computerized assistance. Ozden described how Maana’s Knowledge Platform was created anticipating that. “To build systems like these, the only way this future is possible is if these augmented capabilities could be built by the modelers themselves – the subject matter experts (SME). We built a graph representation of how a group of human minds think at that operational decision point. Then, it becomes another colleague of real subject-matter expertise working alongside them to answer that question.”

Big data is being “drilled down” in the oil and gas industry to become targeted, specific advanced analytics that inform vital decision making. The concept of SME’s experience connecting with industrial machine learning is a reality now in use case applications. Learn more about Maana’s Knowledge Platform at https://www.maana.io/knowledge-platform/



Momenta Partners is a consulting firm that aims to drive industry-leading research, advisory, executive search and ventures practices across the world. Their practitioners help companies navigate their digital transformation journey and primarily focus on three technology waves – IoT, Analytics and Blockchain. Ed’s biweekly podcast serves as a platform for guests to share pivotal experiences, lessons learned and critical insights into the impact of emerging technologies on business, society and humanity.



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