AI Service for Using AutoML Drives Decision Velocity

Author: Maana Marketing Team
AI Service for Using AutoML Drives Decision Velocity

Just as with enhanced recovery of an oil well, drilling for data can present the need for advanced methodology. When producing wells sometimes you can only get so far until tertiary technology takes over to extract the deeper oil. The same concept is true with data mining. Maana’s Chief Scientist Steven Gustafson, Ph.D. gave a talk “Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) for Data Science Productivity” at the Global Artificial Intelligence conference in Seattle last month where he explained his approach to driving decision velocity for companies.

Whereas the technology of both cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) libraries has been around for years, it has taken the current high demand for ML models, or pipelines, to motivate automatically searching for, and optimizing machine learning  (ML) pipelines.  Because AutoML still remains a rather challenging discipline for most, it has taken until now for the growing community of data scientists across many different types of opportunities to attempt to take advantage of it. A more “assistive” approach to AutoML can help data scientists learn about different methods that can then be further mined and explored to gain knowledge and connect with other individuals who are also searching for ML pipelines.

“At Maana, we developed the AutoML capability to help data scientists and software developers build quality analytics quickly in such a way that they learn about how their data and the analytics work together,” said Dr. Gustafson. “It was an honor to stand beside leaders across the AI industry at the AAAI conference to share Maana’s research and the AI-driven services we are using to help companies accelerate digitization of operational decisions across their entire enterprise.”

Maana works to help our customers make better decisions, and we use AI services that assist our customers to accomplish difficult data science, or machine learning tasks toward that endeavor. Our most important tool is listening to our customers’ challenges and helping them to work with their Subject Matter Experts to solve them. This is important because with a knowledge first approach, AI will augment and assist humans, not replace them. Maana has built a platform that captures and re-uses knowledge, blending the optimal approach of human expertise with knowledge representation. That’s where Maana’s expertise is helping our customers accelerate their decision velocity.

The presentation slides can be viewed here:

And Dr. Gustafson’s paper can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/30j7fr3



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