Maana’s Ground Breaking Invention and Unique Technology Getting Industry Validation
Babur Ozden

Babur Ozden is founder and CEO of Maana, the Knowledge Platform that accelerates enterprise profitability.


June 2017

Maana’s Ground Breaking Invention and Unique Technology Getting Industry Validation

The past few months have been full of proud moments for all of us at MAANA, and have been a very humbling personal career high for me.  In addition to validation by our customers, Maana is being recognized by some of the most respected global organizations responsible for identifying technology innovations that our technology will significantly impact global productivity and energy issues.

Last week Maana was recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of only thirty companies included in their list of 2017 Technology Pioneers. To stand alongside the previous recipients of this award – which include such industry powerhouses as Airbnb, Google and Twitter – is truly an honor for all of us at Maana.

Back in March, Maana was recognized by IHS CERAWeek as a 2017 Energy Innovation Pioneer. We were one of only eight companies to win this award, along with the opportunity to present our technology at the CERAWeek conference in Houston.

Then, in just the past two weeks, two industry-leading thought leaders and analysts in Industrial IoT and disruptive technologies have published formal validation of Maana’s knowledge-centric approach. First, Jason Bloomberg from Intellyx published a paper entitled, Digital Knowledge Technology™: Augmented Intelligence Beyond AI, in which he highlights the importance of going beyond data to capture human expertise for driving the most value from digital transformation initiatives. Second, ARC Advisory Group, a firm also focused on IoT and the industrial market, published a paper on how Digital Knowledge Accelerates Benefits of Digital Transformation and a blog titled, Digitizing Subject Matter Expertise Part 1: Why Data Isn’t Enough.

All of this follows the nod from Forrester we got this January, when they mentioned Maana in their Q1 TechRadar: Artificial Intelligence Technologies list, discussing the company as a key vendor in Decision Management, which is the technology with the highest business value-add in the technology ecosystem.

I have spent most of first half of 2017 on the road talking with our customers, investors, prospect customers and partners and it is an honor to see how far Maana has come since we laid our first line of code four years ago and how we have achieved these milestones as a team. It is a true testament to how our people, investors, customers, prospective customers and endorsers and the true champions of our innovation. And I also would like to take this opportunity to thank our significant others at Maana who have been standing by their spouses and partners working hard and relentlessly during all this time. Thank you.

by Babur Ozden in Maana Leadership