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Examples of assets and workflow optimization initiatives at major Fortune 500 Companies using the Maana Knowledge Platform.

With Maana we are able to solve some of Shell’s toughest asset optimization challenges three times faster than we have in the past.

- Johan Krebbers
IT CTO, Shell

With Maana’s Knowledge Platform, we are continuously creating and enhancing a layer of enterprise knowledge on top of our information technology and operations technology data silos.

- Ibrahim Gokcen
Chief Digital Officer, Maersk

The speed at which Maana allows us to operationalize raw big data into actionable insights via existing lines-of-business applications is unprecedented.

- A Fortune 100 Company

Maana’s knowledge graph and algorithms allow us to extract the information we need to optimize our assets.

- Daniel Jeavons
Advanced Analytics CoE Lead, Shell

Maana solves the integration and data plumbing problems at Fortune 500 companies.

- A Fortune 100 Company

Through knowledge, Maana’s platform will accelerate our time to value significantly by giving us the ability to develop hundreds of models, driving asset, operations & business optimization.

- Ibrahim Gokcen
Chief Digital Officer, Maersk

The orchestration engine at Maana’s core launches a battery of analysis routines on the raw data and dynamically updates insights as data is updated or as we add data sources.

- A Fortune 100 Company

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